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Bespoke christening gifts

Greek themed jewellery collection


‘Unicorn Fantasy’ bespoke presents for little girls

Birthday boy

Ikebana boys

Ikebana girls: christening gift

Box of flowers/ bespoke birthday gift

B in Wonderland: bespoke girly gift

Blood Orange / vintage

Eco friendly 7LittleRubbers’s wrapping style

Charms revamped: personal collection

Wonder-balls for boys

Bespoke gifts

Atlantic waves collection

Lady Faenza collection

Hanging charm: our handmade creations

Heart Extinguisher

Mr Rabbit: bespoke birthday ideas...

Safari Tales: a bespoke gift

Truly special


For the love of cocktails

Under the Palm Trees

Exotic sold

A Girl on a Bike Personalised birthday gifts


7LittleRubbers - wrapped in style for both

Best Wishes wrapping

Bespoke wishes: bespoke orders for any occasion

4 a special son: turtles on the bus go round

Ideas ...

A new collection in the making

My Girl

You Just Missed It

Alphabet Sailing

Rock Star

Heart Moodboard

Cloudy House in the Village

Half moon, Lucky Number

❤️ My Nanny


Wild wrapping

Alice on fire

Hang on there

Legal imprint